Friday, May 23, 2014

The Necessary Clutch Wallet

Today is Friday again. The day I make something that I want to make rather than things I have to make but I was so excited to receive the Necessary Clutch Wallet pattern as a gift that I just had to make it a day earlier. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!

First of all let me tell you that since I made my fabric flowers on the last post I lost my mojo and just couldn't get it back. I thought making something I really wanted would solve the problem. Boy was I wrong!!!!!!!

First mistake was no mojo
Second mistake was I ignored the fact that this wallet should be made up in quilting cottons and decided to make it in upholstery fabric.
Third mistake was sewing it on my domestic sewing machine becasue I didn't have the right colour thread for my industrial machine.

You have no idea the amount of unpicking I did on this wallet not to mention the sweat and cursing LOLLLLL, that of course had nothing to do with the pattern itself just bad judgment on my part.  Anyway it's finished and I love it. Her she is, I deserve a pat on the back for finishing this one LOLLL

I love this colour. I'd had this fabric for some and thought it would be perfect for this wallet LOLL

The pattern is by Janelle at Emmaline Bags. Well written pattern with good instructions and photos. I definitely recommend you make one of these. You'll love it.

The sun was flooding into my room so took this close up to try to show you the specs of glitter in the floral fabric.
The top stitching on the floral piece I unpicked about three times. I originally did the stitching in the lilac colour of the fabric and it just showed up all my wonky stitches LOLL. Getting around the magnetic button was really difficult but doable. The pattern has a twist lock so it would be much easier to sew and prettier.

Here's something I hope you won't see again, EVER. I have never in my life done stitching as bad as this, not even close LOLLL. This is where I was trying to sew my zipper in. Can you see the holes. I'd already unpicked it once. I ended up sewing this four times before I got it right. I just know I'm ruining my reputation here LOLLL but thought I'd show it so you can all see what happens when you sew without your mojo.

 After finishing the wallet I noticed I'd put my zipper pouch in the wrong way round. Mine opens from right to left.

Sewing the sides with all the thickness I had was a nightmare. NOTE TO SELF, always make sure I have the correct colour thread so I can use my industrial sewing machine.

I love all the space and pockets in this wallet. Janelle also has a free tutorial on how to make a wrist strap and shoulder strap for this wallet HERE.

The conclusion is I'm head over heals in love with my new wallet and once I get my mojo back I'll make another. This time in quilting cottons or at least have the right thread so I can make one in upholstery fabrics on my industrial machine becasue I love the heavier feel of it.

Happy Sewing to you all and hope you're having better luck than me.

~ Maria ~


  1. oh dear, that sounds like most sewing sessions I have! It turned out great though!

  2. I know how you feel sewing without your Mojo .....the seam ripper becames your best friend.
    Its nuce to know sour akso human and CAN sew a wobbly line ! LOL
    In the end your wallet turned out in red would also look good ! LOL

  3. Sorry you had so much trouble with the heavy fabric, but thanks for the warning! I am making another Necessary Wallet today to go with the purse I made my daughter for her Birthday tomorrow! Now what are you going to make on your Friday sew-for-yourself Day??? Can't wait to see it! Nancy

  4. The thing of it is, Maria, that even when you have a bad day, your completed product still looks beautiful. Here's to perserverence!

  5. Maria I am shocked that you could have sewn a wonky stitch, lol!!!! Glad to know you are like the rest of us and have good sewing days and not so good sewing days, lol!!! I have made enough things (or attempted to make them) where nothing went right and I cursed and cried too. We all lose our mojo from time-to-time, and I usually do some other craft when my sewing mojo is gone. I do so many other things, that I can at least work on something else, lol!!! I guess it happens to the best of us. But the end product speaks for itself because you chose beautiful fabrics and a great pattern and even with the zipper on the opposite side it works and it all came together into one beautiful wallet that you will probably love and use even more because of all the hard work you put into it. I love that little glitter in the floral print. Thanks for showing us you too have those kind of days.

  6. I can't believe you were able to get such a perfect finish, with upholstery fabric, on that detailed wallet - you ROCK! Your description of the process made me laugh my head off, and I kept nodding in agreement about all the stumbling you did - a case of been there, done that, MANY MANY TIMES. Only - when I have that many problems I don't get as good of results as you did! Every once in a while I have brain farts and end up with the zipper on the right instead of the left - I always tell myself that if a southpaw (left-handed person) gets the bag it would probably make them very happy :D

  7. Maria,
    this Wallet is just wonderful! Forget about all the trouble it made!
    Happy weekend,

  8. Oh my!!! Is good that you persevered. When something goes very wrong for me, on and on, I just put it all in a box and forget about it. I love this pattern and have used it many times. Using upholstery In a domestic machine was probably the biggest mistake. Poor machine. And poor you. The result was a beautiful wallet anyway. You'll make others and this will be just a bad memory. Go look for your mojo!!! It must be hiding somewhere!!! Lol

  9. You can't even tell you had "issues" but I know this story all too well. If I don't feel like doing it but force myself to I'm usually never satisfied with the results. The worst is when it's something you've done a million times with hardly any effort (like zippers), but when you're not feeling it it looks like you've never sewn a stitch in your life.
    This came out really nice though--I might make one myself as I like accordion wallets and it'll save me from doing what looks like serious math :)

  10. This wallet is just fantastic!!

  11. Fabulous work, Maria!!! Love the purple with the flowers fabric, so beautiful!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  12. Even if it was a pain to sew up, I LOVE the colors and can see why you wanted to use this fabric, it is so pretty.


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