Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Red Necessary Clutch Wallet.

After having such a bad time sewing up my purple Necessary Clutch Wallet yesterday I decided to grab my mojo by the neck and drag her in to sit by me while I made a second Necessary Clutch wallet.

I was determined to be able to sew another one with upholstery fabric but this time I had the right colour thread for my industrial sewing machine and I'm glad to say it worked perfectly.

My bloggy friend Liz left in her comment that it would also look nice in red which I know she's crazy about. She has red in her playroom, red in her sewing room and red in the rest of the house and she also likes to make the most adorable red bags LOLLL so just to please Liz I made this one in red upholstery fabric with a red and white polkadot quilting cotton for the lining. Hope you approve Liz.

After seeing Janelle's photos of her wallets I decided to do the front flap on this one like one of her other ones.

The inside of this one I did in just one colour. Is this enough red for you Liz.

A lady from one of my sewing groups asked me if this wallet is just for money, so I decided to throw in some different items to see how much it would hold and was surprised. It holds my basic make up, money and cards.

Or you can put you cell phone in the zipper compartment so its safe plus your money and still have room for other things like keys.

You can see the size better here with my cell phone in the largest compartment.
Can you believe it, I've sewn the zipper pocket in the wrong way round again. LOLL

So that's my wallet in upholstery fabrics again. This time no problems sewing it up on my industrial sewing machine. In fact it loved all the thick layers. Next one though will be in quilting cottons just to see how it feels.
You can find the pattern HERE and also a free tutorial on how to make a wrist strap and shoulder strap for the wallet. Also you can find the tutorial for installing a tongue/press lock onto your wallet or any other bag HERE

I feel so much better having succeeded this time. Today is cleaning day. I've neglected everywhere so badly that I fear my mojo has run away again.

Happy Sewing to you all.

~ Maria ~


  1. Great clutch,Mia!!!so good idea 2 in1!

    1. Thanks Anastasia. I wish I had your email so I could reply to you personally. You are a no reply blogger.

  2. I love the red version Mia !!

  3. You kicked mojo's BUTT and sent her flying, lol! Great wallet - you're so lucky to have a machine that can handle (and enjoys!) those thick fabrics - mine just choke and run out of the room, LOL!

  4. I love the red with the polka dot trim and lining, Maria. The right equipment does make a ton of difference. When things go right, your mojo wants to stay by your side. She only leaves when the going gets tough. Good for you to do this project with upholstery fabric again right away. Just like falling off a horse and getting back on! I love this version but have not made it although I have made a ton of the Necessary Clutch Wallet.

  5. You really got your mojo by the neck! The wallet looks great! A red wallet will pop when you take it out of your purse. I haven't made this version of the flap. Looks great!! Eye candy for Liz.

  6. Yep Liz has got to love the red one, especially with the polka dot lining! I like the fronts of both the red and the purple wallets. Glad your mojo came back to you. Now if only my *cleaning/organizing* mojo would come back to me. I don't feel like tiding up at all. :0P

  7. You really grabbed your mojo by the neck. Your bag is wonderful. I love all the compartments you've created.
    Ali xx

  8. It looks great Maria, I've made two of them in the first one I made a lot of mistakes the second a lot of better. It's a great wallet and in red looks great.
    Definitely your mojo is back lol

  9. There is no such thing as to much red !!
    The wallet looks fabulous and the red polka dot lining is perfect !!!
    Now i just have to figure out a way to convince you to send it to me !! LOL


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