Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Second Uptown Girl Bag.

WOW !!!! Ten days since I last posted. I was away for a few days visiting my daughter. The day after I arrived back I started sewing a custom order for the Uptown Girl bag by Christine Welsh HERE.
The first time I made this bag was when I tested it for Christine. I love the simple design of this bag and all the pockets that Christine is famous for. Apart from being a well organized bag it's also very roomy. I've been using mine every day since I made it. That's how I came to make this second one. The lady that saw mine loved it and wanted one just like mine but unfortunately I couldn't get hold of the pleather in the same colour so she said she trusted my judgment and I could use whichever colour I liked. She did choose the lining pockets fabric.

 I quilted the front and back to give the bag more stability.

I also stitched the bottom gusset randomly.

I love these zipper tabs. They save so much time.

I love the polka dot fabric the customer chose from my stash.

I was constantly thinking of my bloggy friend Liz from Moments when I made these pockets. You could say she's just a tiny bit fond of red and white polkadots.
Oh!!! I can see a loose thread I haven't snipped inside the bag.

I'm kind of glad I've finished making this bag as my sewing machine gave me such grief. It took me over two and a half hours to get the tension right.

This evening I finished making a different wallet to what I normally make. I'll show you that tomorrow.

~ Maria ~


  1. So gorgeous!! The zipper and the tabs are great. It all looks so professional, of course you made it.

  2. Beautiful, Maria! Love the look of the quilting on the front, back and bottom. I want to try this bag again with my new sewing machine. I just purchased more Soft and Stable.

  3. FABULOUS job as usual Maria....Yes....those zipper tabs are AWESOME! I wish I could find someone selling them!!

  4. Beautiful Job!!! I love the colors and the quilting sets it off!!! Where do you find the zipper tabs? Nancy

  5. Maria...can I you even imagine how much I LOVE this bag !!
    Everything is perfect about it...down to ht polka dot linking !!
    ummm, I might have to make one, right rafter i finish my BOM bags :-0
    Hugs, your red polka dot buddy !!

  6. Beautiful Maria. Great zipper tabs and lining!

  7. It’s nice to have you back Maria!
    I love the polka dot fabric!

  8. Great bag, Maria - especially the kick from the polka dot lining! Sorry about your machine problems, though - been there, done that many MANY times, so I feel your pain :D (I already posted a comment once but it disappeared into thin air as I hit Publish - apologies if it shows up twice! This time I'll copy for safety, lol ...)

  9. Really beautiful, do you also get your zipper's from where you live? They look just as awesome as the zipper ends.


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