Monday, May 26, 2014

Look What I Won!!!!!!

Oh boy am I over the moon. I enter giveaways when I can but never imagine I would win so then forget about them until the next one.

Then suddenly today I received an email from Sara saying I'd won. Won what I thought. Then I saw the name 'Savannah Bag'. To be honest I thought it was spam because there was a link that wasn't highlighted so couldn't click on it. Anyway I googled the name of the bag and the site and nearly fell off my chair when I saw written in black and white that I had won this gorgeous bag pattern. Of course when I saw the photo of the bag it came to me.

Take a look, isn't it just adorable. The Savannah Bag is from Cozy Nest Design.
I know you're all drooling now and want one too so here's the link to the pattern.

I'm too excited to do any sewing now so I'm going to sit here and play on the internet for the rest of the evening.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. HAHA congratulations, Miss Winner - I think that celebrating an internet win by playing on the internet - is very apropos - have fun!

  2. Congratulations Maria - a fabulous bag!

  3. Congrats, Maria. I think that bag is fabulous. I won some fat quarters but have not received them yet. I will post them when I get them. It's exciting when you are not used to winning, isn't it?

  4. Oh what a cute purse!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy! I like the colors too!!! Nancy

  5. Congratulations Maria, you will like the purse. I patterned tested The Savannah Bag, I'm using it as my purse right now, lots of room in it.

  6. Congratutions !!
    I have to admit when i first saw your post , i thought you had sewn the bag and i was going to write that its not far that i go to sleep and wake up to see you finished another bag ! LOL

  7. Congratulations, maria :O)
    What a lovely Bag you won!
    Happy sewing day,

  8. Congratulations! What a lovely surprise for you, it's a gorgeous bag :-))

  9. How fun for you Maria to win a bag pattern!!! Enjoy making it and I already know you will do a fantastic job.

  10. Congratulations on winning--especially a bag pattern!!! Enjoy making your Savannah bag--I hope we get to see some photos of it! :)


  11. Congrats this is a great pattern, I tested this bag for Sara and is great I can't wait to see your bag. Enjoy

  12. Oh cool! Congrats! Have fun making it!


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