Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drawstring Sling Bag

Before I went away to visit my daughter this bag came in for testing. I didn't have time to make it before leaving so yesterday quickly started making it.

The Drawstring Sling Bag is designed by Gary Fletcher at Fashion Clique. This bag was really easy and quick to make up with endless possibilities. Check out the other testers bags HERE they all look great and very individual. The bag features a roomy interior, draw string closure and a magnetic clasp and flap. The finished dimensions are approx. 11" H x 10" W x 8" D.There were no pockets inside so I added a couple of slip pockets to hold my cell phone. You could add a zipper pocket if you wanted to.

My bag is pretty plain so I decided to do some wavy quilting on it. I love how it turned out.

This is the underside of the bag.

I made the drawstring red to match the stitching on the flap. I think it brightens it up a bit.

The pattern uses bias binding around the top of the bag which is a nice feature but I wanted to make mine quicker so used the turn inside out method by leaving a gap in the lining seam.

This is the first time I've installed eyelets and was surprised at how easy it was.

This is a great bag for a confident beginner. As you can see there is only one seam at the back and if you're worried about getting the oval bottom to fit the body of the bag then don't becasue the pieces fit perfectly.

This is the first bag pattern released on Gary's new site HERE and if you'd like a copy there is 10% discount. Just use this code 10off to get your discount.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll come back tomorrow when I'll be showing you yet another bag.

Happy Sewing

~ Maria ~


  1. Love your bag! Also delighted to find out that Gary is still designing and now has his own site. Made his messenger bag as part of the sew-a-long on the original Sewing Totes...Yahoo group. Have a great day. Enjoyed our online visit earlier!

  2. OooooOOOooo that is a sexy bag - I love this one! Eyelets are under-rated - they're really quite practical and make a cool design element - plus they're easy to install, and come in different designs (colours, sizes etc.) - I have some downstairs that I should pull out to play with!

  3. I love your red quilting lines, great idea:)

  4. So great, Maria. The quilting really sets off this bag. While most of us use a matching thread for stitching so the mistakes don't show, you use a contrasting thread to highlight your great stitching lines.

  5. great bag Maria, the wavy quilting really does give it a lovely design element. I've never used eyelets with fabric, only with papercrafts, but I hate rivets and snaps so can't see me venturing into eyelets on bags!

  6. Love the quilting on your bag Maria and the eyelets look great. I must find some good eyelets to use on a bag one day.

  7. I love it. Those red waves look great and give a nice touch to the bag, and certainly the red drawstring brighten it. You did a great job as always, and I like without the bias tape too

  8. This bag looks great. The wavy lines in contrasting thread is a super easy way to add more detail. I'm gonna try this soon, myself.

  9. Cool bag. I like your color combo and red wiggly lines. ;o)
    Thanks for sharing


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