Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Please Read CD Sewing Case Update


Remember the CD Sewing case I posted about on Thurs 6th Sep. Seems as if there's been a bit of a commotion about it. So I'm writing this post in the hope that things will be cleared up once and for all.
The original creation belongs to Jutta over at


she saw mine on my blog and that I had had problems with sewing the hinge on mine because of the poor photos on the other link and very kindly sent me her tutorial. Thanks Jutta.
As far as I'm aware Jutta is not giving this as a free tutorial unless she changes her mind. If she does and lets me know I will post the link to my blog.

To read the full story this is what Liz   http://liz-moments.blogspot.de/  wrote on her blog. I've copied the post with her permission.

Hope this clears things up and we can all get back to doing what we love most. Sewing and sharing with others our creations.

Something good, gone bad…..

its amazing that the internet with all its good, fun, creative, exciting, inspiring ideas can also be a nightmare.
Since January I have been doing my Sewing Room SewAlong…every month I have posted links, blogs, inspirations that I found on the net for you to sew.
To my pleasure & surprise my little blog inspired, motivated a bunch of you …for this I am truly thankful. It has made my sewing days more pleasurable !
Till this is month!
I posted a link I found on another blog for this round case. Since then I have been bombarded with crazy emails .
Cylindrical zippered bag pattern at Black Forest Quilters
This sewing case looks like one that was created by Jutta at Fraulengraben
Jutta created this pattern 2 years ago and posted it as a freebie for one day as part of a Christmas calendar…which I was lucky enough to become since I am a member of that group…which I had hoped to sew this year in my SAL…which I did not share!
As I was preparing this months Sewing Project post. I came across a link …on another blog…for a round case…that I thought would make an adorable sewing case…so I posted the link thinking you would all love it.
Since then I have been bombed with crazy emails !
I want to get a few things cleared….
When Jutta wrote me and said the pattern looked like hers …I asked her if I should remove the post/link from my blog and she said "  Nein - sie brauchen nix löschen/wegmachen - der "Fehler" liegt ja nicht bei Ihnen." 
“ No – I don’t need to remove anything – The error is not yours”
That meant the topic was closed for me !!!
But due to respect for Jutta & her design…I am deleting the link from my blog. You can still find it in the net but not through here.
Since I am relative new to all this crazy blog stuff and don’t wish to intentionally, break any rules, step on any toes ….
I have some questions for you all…
  • Is it a breach of copyright when I post a link that someone else posted …and they could be breaking the copyright rule ??
  • does this mean any pattern / link / picture I think looks like another …I can't post since it may be a copy of someone else's ??
With this kind of thinking …that means I can't post anything since everyone copies each others ideas ??
Ahhh…the joys & headaches of the internet! I wonder if Bill Gates knew what he was starting ??
I am going to continue writing my posts like always and if I make mistakes ( which I am sure I will, since I am am only human)  …I am sure someone will let me know.
Tell then ….lets just sew!

~ Maria ~


  1. Thank you :-)
    Now I hope this the end of it!

  2. Sorry you had to go through nonsense - there are some cranky people on the internet *pffft*. I agree - until then - let's just SEW! *maple syrup hugs* to you :)

  3. Hi Maria, there are things that are incredible! We all use the internet, to learn, to chat and to give inspiration, it's a shame what happened, but at least everything was solved. What I learned from this conflict is that we must checked twice, before adding a link and maybe ask permission every time we want to add something to our blog. Fortunately all ended well, this is what matters.

  4. None of these patterns are copyrighted. For example if you wanted to post a photo of a designers bag say Lazy Girl her photos are copyrighted and you would need permission to use. People who do tuts on their blog are not copyrighted. It is merely their interpretation of a bag and its assembly. You may refer to a blog if you are saying where you found the pattern but there is nothing preventing you from making that bag and writing your own method. A bag is not an original idea and cannot be copyrighted. It also takes many years to get one and no one is going to give one for a bag, or wallet. It's not an original idea.


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