Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Abigail Bag


Yesterday I posted that I was going to show you the Abigail Bag I tested for Christine and thought it may be a few days but luckily for me I can do that today. I was busting a gut trying not to post. LOLLL

Christine is one amazing designer to have come up with this one. You wouldn't believe the amount of pockets it has. Perfect to keep everything organized and in it place. If I ever loose anything in this bag it will because I've forgotten which pocket I put it in. LOLL

As you can see from the above photo it has two pockets on the front and two on the sides.

Either side of the main zip compartment there are another two roomy pockets with a magnetic button closure.

This is the inside view.

And if that still isn't enough pockets for you then there's still more. Open up the zipper and you will find another zippered side pocket and two slip pockets and a pen pocket.

Is that enough pockets for you, if not then may I suggest you take a suitcase shopping with you. LOLLL

Now I just know you will all be dying to get your hands on this pattern so you can go to Chris's blog at

Chris has made three in different bright coloured fabrics and also she has a very pretty feature on her front pockets that I didn't sew on mine. If your thinking it looks too difficult, it is an advanced bag, don't worry there is a ton of step by step photos in the pattern so you're not only getting a pattern but also sewing lessons. LOLL

Thanks Christine, this has got to be the best one I've tested for you yet.

~ Maria ~


  1. ooooh I like that lining, it makes me want to put my head inside the bag lol! It's a great design, pockets galore!

  2. WOW Joseph had a coat of many colours, and Maria has a bag of many pockets - it's gorgeous! I'm always in awe of how professional your bags are - you're a bag designer's DREAM tester!

  3. What a beautiful bag! I love that it has so many pockets. You've really convinced me that I have to make one like yours, from here I'm going to visit Chris's blog to purchase this pattern, I do not know when I'll find time to do it, but I love it. Thanks for sharing with us the bag and the link. Your bag is really beautiful!

  4. are indeed a designers DREAM tester! What more can I say BUT thank you! :)

  5. Maria you did a great job with this bag. It's beautiful and I like the zipper and pockets.

  6. What a great looking bag. It's funny... I recently posted about my almost perfect purse and how I love that it has so many pockets and now I'm seeing purse/handbags with lots of pockets.

  7. That is lovely! I would love for you to post it at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase. Just follow the link to the post. :)

  8. oh my word.. that is amazing. I am in the midst of making a diaper bag of my own design so can appreiciate the organization of this!

  9. Hi Maria,
    So gorgeous your new bag!!! Well done, great work!!
    Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs from Portugal
    Ana Love Craft

  10. This is a wonderful bag, so many pockets. I absolutely love the linking. I juse made my first bag and am psyched to make more.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  11. Beautiful! Headed to check out her pattern now!

    Jennifer :0

  12. A girl can never have too many pockets!!! Great design. Love the hand stitching on the pockets!!!


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