Thursday, August 22, 2013

For When Guests Stay Over

You can guarantee that when the house is a complete mess and nothing is running how it should, that's when I'll get unexpected guests, so I thought I'd take a break from my orders and try to get my life a bit more organized.

A few months ago I made a single duvet and have been wanting to make the cover and pillowcases but have just put it off. Unexpected guests came round so I rushed out to buy new bedding and was horrified at the poor quality of the sewing. The set wasn't cheap either!!!. In fact it cost me half the price of the store bought bottom fitted sheet, one single sheet and one pillowcase, to make the duvet, duvet cover and two pillowcases.

The pillowcase when folded hadn't been cut square and the stitching was awful.

The sheet wasn't any better. Thread that didn't match, poor stitching and stitch tension, how on earth can they sell such rubbish. If any of mine came out like this it would go in the bucket.
Down one side they couldn't even be bothered to sew the selvage.

I did go back and complain to the store but they said that all the new stock that had come in this time had been like that and they too had complained to the manufactures.

Time for me to get mine done. This is the single duvet.

And this is the cover and two pillowcases.

On the cover I used popper buttons sold by the meter. Much easier and quicker than sewing on individual ones.

That's one set done, now I have to find the time to make a few more sets.

 ~ Maria ~


  1. Hi Maria,
    oh I can understan your problems with this fabrics! I used a stuff like this long time ago... it is awful!
    But your new covers look beautiful! good Idea with the popper buttons by the meter!
    Now guests can come :O)
    Happy day to you,

  2. Very pretty - clean and fresh - perfect for guests :) I can't believe the quality of a LOT of the "crap" that's out there now - but so many consumers want cheaper and cheaper prices, without realizing (or caring) that cheaper prices usually leads to crappy "Made in China" $ store quality.

  3. Your cover is beautiful. I read "popper buttons" and I wondered what they were then I saw your photo and laughed. A new term for me as in the US those are called snaps, lol.

    We pay more these days for lower quality of things because of the greediness of the big corporations always cutting corners for higher profits. It's a real shame too.

  4. Oh, wow! That's annoying. I pull apart a lot of things in stores to check the stitching and the quality. I've been leaving behind a lot of things I thought I had wanted....

  5. Wow! That is really bad work on the store bought stuff.. that's crazy how they stuff like that gets made and sold..

  6. I can't believe they didn't give you your money back!! Shocking!

    p.s. yours would always be better, not a wonky stitch to be seen lol!


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