Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Chef's Hat

Gordon Ramsay eat ya heart out!!!!!!
I left this project to near the end as I wasn't looking forward to tackling it. I thought the hat would be all floppy and look a mess but I'm absolutely delighted with the result.
I'm finally coming to the end of this order. Just some flowers to make and a couple of fabric trees.

I tried my best to get my son to model this hat for me but he wasn't having it. He's normally a good sport but when he found out it was going on my blog it was a straight NO!!!!! LOLL.  Stuck for a model I eventually found one. Isn't he the cutest. Beats Gordon Ramsay, at least this one doesn't swear at you. LOLL

Another reason I put off making the hat was because of the gathers, I'm not keen on doing gathers at all.

The back is fastened with velcro. The first tutorial I found had no fastening. I couldn't get in touch with the lady to find out her head size so came across this tutorial. It was very well written and illustrated and of all the tutorials I came across on the web this was the one I liked the most.

Hubby said it could pass as a graduation hat. LOLL

If you'd like to have a go at making one you can find the tutorial here and there are four sizes to choose from.
Oh and just in case you're wondering who Gordon Ramsay is, this is him.

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~ Maria ~


  1. That's crazy good! Your gathers look great!!!!

  2. Love the hat, perfect colour. Why don't you send one along to Ramsay one, it will go well with his hair colour. Who knows maybe he will let you take a picture. lol

  3. I love it! Good job your son said no, that bear is the cutest in the whole land :)

  4. Great chef's hat and the flower is a nice feminine touch too. What a sweet model! That green goes so well with the green in your sofa, it's too bad you sold the chef's hat because "Chef Bear" looks so perfect sitting there.

  5. Do you have a tute on how to make that cute flower??? Love the hat... darling model! Thanks for sharing how to make such a cute flower! Kathi

  6. LOLLLLL....My daughters both refuse to be models so I am not surprised your son did! I love it by the way......
    ChrisW Designs

  7. HAHA I tend to bribe my oldest son with baked goods in order to get him to model - the younger one can't be bribed at ALL! A couple of days ago I tricked hubby into trying on a girly tulip petal hat - he happened to be carrying a plate of food so he didn't have a chance to knock the hat off his head when I put it on him ;) I need to get a big stuffed animal to use as a model when none of the guys are around - your bear looks like he's wearing the perfect graduation hat -- FROM COOKING SCHOOL! :D


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