Monday, May 6, 2013

Addicted to Dresdens

Yes another Dresden. I'm addicted to making these. This one came together really quickly because I already had the Dresden plate cut out and stitched together. All that was needed was to sew it onto the backing and stitch away to my hearts content.

I made this one as a gift for my doctors receptionist. She's a wonderful lady so every time I visit I try to make her something.

This one is slightly different to the others I've made in the past. The center is larger and the Dresden blades are larger too.

I didn't stick to quilting cottons, there are three different kinds of fabric in this one.

When I finished it last night you could hardly see the echo stitching and kind of wished I'd done it in another colour to make it show up better but this morning with the natural light coming in it showed up perfectly.

Oh look, some wonky stitching in the bottom right hand corner. That should keep Christine and Samantha happy. LOLLL

This is the back. I love how it turned out.

Off to my next project that I've already started. It's a patchwork Scottie dog. If it turns out ok it's going to look so cute.

~ Maria ~


  1. Love the greens with the brown. Your quilting is beautiful. I didn't see any wonky stitching! Did you quilt this with your new machine?

  2. Not wonky enough :)

    If I brought my doctor's receptionists something everytime I visited I'd forever be making them gifts! You're too kind. I will happily accept gifts though :)

  3. That's pretty - I don't see any wonky stitching, though. Your stitches are always so straight and accurate --- I'm afraid when I do machine quilting my back isn't as view-worthy as yours is!

  4. Hi Maria,this is "A perfect creation" !!! Beautiful, adorable!!!Your dresdens are always impressive, you did a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Marisa :)


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