Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring in the Garden

I'm back. You don't hear from me for a while and then I bombard you with posts. After posting my last dresden I took one look out of the window this morning and just had to stop sewing and go out into the garden. These photos were taken at 8.30am. Glorious sunshine and lovely and warm.

These are some of the flowers in the garden. Notice I've taken close ups because I don't want to show you the surrounding weeds. LOLL

In this next photo you may recognize some plants. Top left hand corner is Rosemary. I adore my rosemary bush, below that is a grape vine, center is an Avocado tree which has never given any fruit yet, maybe this year, top right hand corner is a Bay Leaf  which is growing out of the center of the Rosemary bush and lastly is one of my favourites, the orange blossom. We have a few orange trees in the garden and at this time of the year they are full of blossom. The smell in the morning fills the air and even comes into the house. Gorgeous.

I don't know the names of a couple of these so if anyone know what they are I'd be interested to hear from you. The two on the top left is a delicious fruit that isn't ready to eat yet. They swell up a little more and become and orangy yellow in colour. The two bottom left hand photos are my Olive tree which will probably never give me olives as we don't have the right climate and next to that is the Gladioli growing in an old tire.
I've got quite a few tires scattered around the garden with different things growing.
Top right hand corner is cucumbers that have just appeared and a herb next to it which has a beautiful smell and taste but I don't know the name of it. Bottom right hand corner is Mint.

One of the other reasons I was out this morning was to quickly plant some runner bean seeds into four tires filled with beautiful compost that I made from kitchen scraps. I think it's amazing that so much rubbish could turn into compost.

Well that's my dose of fresh air for today. Now back to the sewing.

~ Maria ~


  1. You have a beautiful garden, Maria!!! I've been spending lots of time outside in my garden, too, enjoying the glorious Autumn weather we're having.

  2. Beautiful photos Maria. The top left fruit looks like a fig. Figs are sweet and tiny little seeds inside. If you eat too many figs your tongue feels sort of numb, at least mine does, lol. But those look like a different variety if they are figs? I know there are so many types of figs. I love the black mission the best. But there is a brown turkey fig, a yellow fig, and so many more that I probably have never seen or tasted before.

    Does the herb that smells and tastes good, does it have a lemony taste? If so it could be lemon balm which is in the same family as mint and is invasive like mint too. Lemon balm makes a nice tea.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah love the roses - especially the pink one (bottom right) - I have 2 mini rose bushes that were given to me by a friend, and I love when they start to bloom - they always remind me of Mona :)

  4. Well you are obviously in a different hardiness zone then me, I'm in zone 5 so we have daffodils and others spring flowers. I'm just excited that I have leaves coming out on my roses.

    Your roses are gorgeous. I have planted about 5 avocado in my garden this spring I have no luck starting them inside so hopefully they will start outside.


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