Friday, May 17, 2013

Fit for a Bride, the final show.

It was back in January that I started making this custom order for a bride to be. I've been making other things in between for a break and today I've just about finished everything. Just one last thing to make and that's a needle case.

This is what I've been making since my last post about the chef's hat.

Fabric flowers.

 A couple of fabric trees.

and a set of fabric baskets.

and here is the complete set of everything I'll be handing over to her.

I posted each project as I completed it and added links to the tutorials but to make it easier to find them I've posted them all here again.

Diamond Table Topper

Fabric Flowers and Stems  the stems link is different to the fabric flowers link.

Fabric Bread Baskets the tutorial is for a very small one so I enlarged mine.

Thanks for baring with me through all this green and orange fabric. I'm really pleased how everything turned out and I sure hope the bride does too.
I'm now off to make the needle case and then I'm off to chase the dust bunnies before I go to visit my daughter for a few days.

~ Maria ~


  1. Oh Maria,
    the Bride will be so happy to get this wonderful Set! You really thought about everything you need :O)) Great job!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    big hugs

  2. Your creats are wonderful,Maria!Well done!!!
    have a nice day!!!

  3. Wow Maria when you group them all together there is quite a lot of things that you made. They are all so lovely too and the bride will certainly be using some useful and pretty things. But I'll bet you are really tired of those fabrics and probably want to work on something with new fabrics, right? Have a good time with your daughter.

  4. Wow!!!! Look at all that!!! That's going to be one delightful gift to open!

  5. That is amazing! I think she'll be so happy to open that package. You've worked very hard on all that. Job well done! Enjoy the visit with your daughter.

  6. That bride is one lucky girl! Hope she is the type to appreciate it all because you did an AMAZING job! thanks for sharing about the flowers too... love our bouquet! Kathi

  7. Everything looks so professional and GORGEOUS Maria! I bet you are soooo tired of those fabrics by this time though! LOLLLLL I know I get sick of mine by the time I have finished making just one bag! LOLLLLLL

    ChrisW Designs

  8. One very lucky bride, you did an amazing job on everything. I'm sure she will be happy.

  9. Wow, that's certainly an impressive spread! She won't be needing anything else to impress the inlaws now will she?

  10. wow what an amazing gift, the bride is going to be overwhelmed! I love the fabric flowers


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