Saturday, May 11, 2013

Metal Skewer Carrier

I was asked to make a skewer carrier and I automatically though of a pencil roll.

When people go out for picnics here they usually make a bbq so that's where the Skewer Carrier comes in.
This one carries 12 skewers in all. Six wide and six narrow but there's enough space to double up.

Much safer than wrapping them in newspaper or a carrier bag where someone could get poked.

The outside is again embellished with fabric flowers to match the rest of the kitchen set.

Once rolled up it's safe and doesn't take much space.

I'm too tired to do any more sewing today so that will be it until tomorrow when I plan on making a chef's hat.
Before I go I'd love to know if any of you have seen or have any ideas for storing skewers. I have followers from all parts of the world so I'm sure there must be other ways to store these kind of skewers.

~ Maria ~


  1. I've never seen a skewers holder before. That is certainly the nicest one I can imagine! Always a great job Maria! ♥♥♥

  2. This is a fantastic idea, we always take the metal skewers in a bag, this is much better. It has all the advantages, it's safe, you don't lose any skewer and the cherry on the dessert, it's beautiful!
    Well done!!!
    Marisa from

  3. So similar to a knitting needle case. Turned out beautiful and matches the rest of the things you made too. How much more of those fabrics do you have? You might get more and more things to make and match.

  4. I've never heard of bringing skewers out to a picnic so this is a novelty for me. Do they slide out the end if you hold it upside down or is it tight enough to keep them secure?

  5. We have picnics and barbies all the time BUT I have never taken skewers with fact I've never ever even used one when having a barbie.....usually on a picnic it's just toss some snags and ring gear on the barbie and turn with tongs....then slap them on a sanga! LOLLLLL
    ChrisW Designs

  6. What an awesome idea. They can be nice and safe this way. If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party:

    Quick question, where are your skewers from?

  7. Very pretty - it looks like the storage roll for a doctor's surgery equipment :D The only skewers I have are made from wood, and they're just tucked into a drawer - I only use them (so far) for testing cakes, lol!


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