Thursday, May 9, 2013

Disappearing Four Patch Cot Quilt and Pillow

The night before last we went over to our friends house to see the new baby girl that I have been sewing for. Remember the posts I did on New Beginnings and Babies Cot Bumper, well in between making those I managed to make a cot quilt and pillow as a gift, the Scottie Patchwork Dog which I also made for her was a real hit, she absolutely adored it.

This is the disappearing four patch quilt and pillow

I don't normally wash things after making them but as this was for a baby I threw everything in the washing machine and it came out nice and soft. I love the crinkle effect.

This was my first proper attempt at hand applique. I was in such a rush that I just did it as I though it should be.

I don't know if I'm a slow sewer or not but the stitch in the ditch quilting took me 15 hours which I did all in one day. Phew!!!!!!!!! And that didn't include the pillow.

The back of the pillow is an envelope style.

And here are a some photos of the cute baby girl. She's 5 days old here. I've put my watermark on these photos but she certainly isn't my creation. LOLL

Babies grandpa made her crib, cot and wardrobe. Well done grandpa. He also made a changing unit with draws but I didn't get a photo of that.

This little girl has more shoes than I do and she can't even walk yet. LOL

Sorry about the heavy photo post and thanks for stopping by.

~ Maria ~


  1. Dear MAria,
    this Quilt is beuatiful! I love the colours and the fabrics! Such a great and wonderful work!
    Cute Baby, so lovely pictures, also from her Wardrobe and Bed :O)))
    Have a lovely day,
    Big hugs to you,

  2. I love those hearts on the pillow and quilt, they're really cute!

    I can't believe her grandpa made that cot and wardrobe, he's one super talented man, they look amazing! She's very lucky to have such skilled people in her life :)

  3. What a beautiful cot quilt and pillow, I like the design, I like the colors and effectively after washed in the machine, the crumpled that remains is beautiful. The hearts that you did, in appliqué, are perfection, really adorable.
    Maria, what a beautiful creation you have done, it is certain that the person who has received this gift,is in love with this quilt.
    Nice job!!!!! It took hours of work, but worth it!!!
    Marisa from

  4. Is amazing set fot this so sweat baby!
    have a nice moments!

  5. Beautiful!
    I like the colours and the hand appliqué is very sweet.
    Your friend is very lucky.

  6. The quilt an pillow are beautiful and I especially like the little added touch of the hearts, so sweet. And speaking of sweet, that little baby is so darling, but all babies are, aren't they?

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww it's been a very long time since I made anything that small and sweet and precious - what a darling! The quilt and pillow are beautiful - after 15 hours of quilting your shoulders and neck must have been on fire! I love D9P blocks (also called 9-4 blocks) - they start out looking one way, and with a few cuts and seams, they become something totally different - I love that!

  8. I love the quilt and the pillow. Great choice of fabric and pattern for the baby.

    I can't imagine sitting and sewing for that length of boys would starve. lol

  9. GORGEOUS work Maria! Your fabric choice is is your stitching.....but how on earth you can sew for that many hours in one day?......I would be so stiff I couldn't move and my family would STARVE and so would I! LOLLLLL Oh and that IS one clever grandpa......
    ChrisW Designs

  10. Absolutely adorable, Maria!!! Love the hearts and the stitching.


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